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Halloween 2020

What could be scarier than Halloween?

I'm glad you asked.

Imagine walking down an alleyway late at night, the full moon lighting your way. You hear footsteps. Each time you stop, so do the steps behind you. Is it an echo? Maybe it's your imagination?

"Who's there?" you call out, not expecting a response, but hoping to take solace in the silence being broken. The sound of your own voice offers no comfort, though, as you now realize you are not alone.

You can barely make out the shadowy figure at the end of the alley, the moonlight reflecting off something in his hand. Is it a knife? It's too dark to tell. As he slowly approaches, you begin to see details: His stocky build, his blue jumpsuit. He's closer than you would like him to be. A motion light in the alleyway is triggered, illuminating the suspicious man. You can see him perfectly clear now.

Phew! He's wearing a mask.

2020 has been a frightening year to say the least. From pandemics to racial tension, wild fires to double hurricanes, this year has had it all. In any other year, the emergence of something called "murder hornets" would have struck fear in the bravest of souls, but in 2020, they are a mere footnote.

October is such a special time of year. The colors. The cooler temperatures. The crackle of fallen leaves underfoot. The smell of bonfires in the air. And as the leaves on the trees become sparser and sparser, the eeriness of the season grows stronger.

Right now, it's time to focus our attention more on vampires, witches, hobgoblins and ghosts and less on how much toilet paper we have left in the basement. At least for a couple of weeks. Reality will be there waiting for us when we get back. And after the ghouls have left and all the leaves are gone from the trees, we can all start planning our virtual Thanksgiving dinners. Which do you prefer: Gathering the family together on Zoom? Or just putting cardboard cut-outs around the table. I guess that all depends on how much you like your family.

Have a happy October, everyone!

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