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You Are ...

you are the sky

the earth

the wind

the rain

the full-moon light

upon an endless sea

dancing ‘cross the countless waves

like a million tiny angels

you are the long and winding road

that climbs to the top of the world

you’re the view from the top

looking down upon the hills

all afire with crimson and gold

you are the tallest tree

the brightest flame

the darkest night

the quietest brook

the smell of autumn air

which fills the night

and warms my battered soul

you are the hole in my heart

which can ne’er be filled

the tear in my eye

which can ne’er be dried

the burning inside

which can ne’er be doused

the ghost of a far-away memory

the souvenir of a love no more

you are a ship at sea, adrift, alone

disappearing into the midnight sky

being swallowed by the moon

to go live with the stars

and finally, to me

you turn and say goodbye

© 2004 John Ehtier, all rights reserved

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