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Exit Strategy

As the Coronavirus swept its way across the globe, it brought with it a new phrase: flattening the curve. We were told by all the experts that the way to control this was to flatten the curve, that it was going to spread no matter what, but if we could slow it down, we could make sure our hospitals and medical personnel were not over-taxed.

The general consensus on the best way to achieve this goal of flattening the curve is to stay home. Shut down any non-essential businesses and activities. It has been working to slow the spread in countries across the globe. Unfortunately, total lockdowns had been implemented because the virus had already taken over. It was viewed as the only solution. Acting sooner rather than later has proven to get the best results. But the truth is, it's here and it ain't going anywhere.

At the onset of all the worldwide quarantines, there seemed to be a sense that this would be for a few weeks. Maybe a month. Or perhaps two. But how is that possible? If we suddenly stop taking precautions, all that curve flattening will have been for naught.

The truth is, we don't have an exit strategy. How can we? And I think that's what has me so down. Staying at home? No biggie. Hell, I didn't go out that much before. Wash your hands? Check. Stay six feet away? Check. Don't touch your face? Okay, I miss touching my face. But if I wash my hands thoroughly, I get to touch my face as a treat; a sort of reward for adhering to the COVID-19 checklist.

Countries like Italy have been locked down for weeks and weeks. They have had success in flattening that curve. But what next? When do they decide to go back outside? With the death tolls they have had over there, I can't imagine it will be any time soon.

Obviously there will be changes in our mindset going forward. There will probably be less handshaking and more fist-bumping in the post Coronavirus world. There will probably be more hand sanitizer readily available at public places. More people will probably decide to work from home. Some will decide that a virtual meeting is as good as traveling around the globe to meet in person.

Don't get me wrong, this is by no means a rant to get things up and running sooner. It's a realization of the fact that it may take longer than any of us wants to admit. And not knowing is sometimes the hardest part.

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