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Writing Is Writing

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

You may be asking yourself why I haven't written in my blog in a while. Well, you're probably not asking that, to be honest. But if you were, my answer would be this: I have been writing a lot. Just not in my blog.

I actually have a few projects going right now. One that has been simmering on the back burner for years, one which is a completed first draft, patiently awaiting the first round of edits and rewrites, and then there is the project which is consuming most of my energy right now.

I am very excited about this project, for numerous reasons. It is a reimagined version of the very first story I ever wrote. I was ten years old, and we had a school assignment: Write a fictional story from the point of view of an inanimate object.

I chose to write an autobiography of a baseball glove. It was all of a page and a half and amounted to little more than a synopsis. Hey, whaddya want? I was ten.

So, here we are, 47 years later and I’m more than halfway through a children’s story about a hardworking young man from the Dominican Republic who gets the chance to come to America to play professional baseball. He continues to use the same baseball glove even when he gets to the big leagues. It's the glove his father bought for him when he was a boy. The glove was too big for him at first, but he eventually grew into it. He goes on to have a prolific career in major league baseball. And the whole story is told from the perspective of his glove.

It’s a very exciting project, not only because I get the chance to rewrite something from my childhood, but also because I have the opportunity to collaborate with an artist I met through social media. I’ve asked him if he would be interested in illustrating it, and he said he would. I’m also excited about it because I like the story. It’s been fun to write the story from this perspective.

I also have recently written a short story called The Redemption Clause (which I have made available to everyone who has subscribed to my email list). It’s the story of Clive Rottington III, who upon meeting his demise is reminded of a contract he signed in his youth.

So you see, I have actually been busy writing. I just haven't blogged in a while. But, hey ... writing is writing, right?

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