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It's OK

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

It's OK to feel anxious.

It's OK to feel scared.

It's OK to feel bewildered.

It's OK to feel tired.

It's OK to feel like you want everything to be normal again.

It's OK to feel that life isn't fair.

It's OK to feel lucky that you still have a job to go to.

It's OK to feel worried about going to work.

It's OK to be frustrated that the only three cars on the road are driving very slowly and close together, even though the entire freeway is completely empty, making it nearly impossible to pass them.

It's not OK to honk, flip them off and throw food at them. Apparently.

It's OK to wash your hands just because you feel nervous that you haven't washed them in a while.

It's OK if you miss fast food.

It's OK to get a bit nervous every time you cough.

It's not OK to cough just so people get out of your way.

It's OK to wear a mask.

It's not OK to wear scary clown makeup.

It's OK to miss sports.

It's OK to feel bored.

It's OK to feel angry.

It's not OK to take your anger out on someone else.

It's OK to be optimistic.

It's OK to be pessimistic.

It's OK to think that everything will eventually be OK.

It's not OK to think that people are making too big a deal of this.

It's OK to be worried that if you get sick, you'll make others sick.

It's OK to wonder if life will ever be normal again.

It's OK if you can't remember what was normal.

It's OK to miss seeing people on the streets.

It's not OK to steal store mannequins and put them on park benches.

It's OK to buy groceries for someone who can't go out.

It's not OK to lick them when they're not looking.

It's OK to touch your face, as long as you've thoroughly washed your hands.

It's not OK to touch someone else's face, unless they say it's OK and you've thoroughly washed your hands. But really make sure they say it's OK first.

It's OK to feel overwhelmed.

It's OK to feel sad.

It's OK to feel like it's not OK.

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